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Sue Fagalde Lick

Childless by Marriage
South Beach, Oregon

Author Sue Fagalde Lick never expected to end up alone in her 60s without husband or children. In many ways, the author of Childless by Marriage personifies the fears of many childless women who worry that if they don’t have any kids, they will find themselves on their own in old age. She stayed with the man she loved, had a wonderful marriage, and then he died. Now she lives alone on the Oregon coast with her dog while her friends are busy with their children and grandchildren.

Raised like most women of her generation expecting to be a mom, Lick says she wrote her book, Childless by Marriage, to help show readers how not having children changes every aspect of life, especially when it’s not by choice.

At her Childless by Marriage blog, Lik receives comments daily from women who are approaching 40 and trying to decide whether to stay with the partner who is unable or unwilling to have children or end the relationship and take a chance on finding someone else. She does her best to offer comfort and advice as they struggle in situations where there are no good answers and a happy ending is not likely.

Lick spent many years in the nwspaper business in Silicon Valley before moving to Oregon, where she concentrates on creative writing and a parallel career as a singer-songwriter and church music director. Her work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, literary journals, and anthologies. She blogs at childlessbymarriage.com and at unleashedinoregon.com. Her books include Stories Grandma Never Told, Shoes Full of Sand and Azorean Dreams.