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Gisele Palancz

Lexeme Etc. Inc.
Founder and President
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Gisèle Palancz is the author of Pas de bébé à bord (No Baby On Board), the script-writer of Voulez-vous risquer avec moi? (Do you want to risk with me?), a docudrama about women and AIDS broadcast on national television, and the founder and president of Lexème etc. inc., a company that specializes in translation and everything that has to do with writing.

Raised between two cultures by a strong Hungarian mother having a fondness for arts and sports, trilingual at a very young age, it is no wonder that Gisèle is interested in languages, travel and artistic undertakings. She has a bachelor’s degree in translation and studied screenwriting, journalism and drama. She was also a figure skating champion before trading the skates for a computer.

Besides translating for the private and the public sector, Gisèle wrote the French narrative of 10 seasons of How It’s Made and adapted several documentaries for the National Film Board of Canada and specialty channels, including episodes of Nova. She translated numerous releases and documents for Canadian award shows and the Banff World Media Festival where she was also a reporter. Furthermore, she did some work on camera as a reporter on a Montréal community channel as well as some acting.

Gisèle lives in Montréal, Canada. Beyond writing, she has a passion for nature and photography. She is engaged in the community and cares about animal welfare and the environment. Moreover, she is a fund manager for the Segal Cancer Centre in memory of her spouse who died from cancer in his mid-forties. From time to time, she still enjoys working on TV and movie sets and would like to have more time to travel and work on personal projects.

An independent and autonomous not-mom, a widow, an orphan and an only child who has been a caretaker for several years, the issue of aging alone is very much a concern for Gisèle and she would like to see much more thought given to the options outside the box.