The NotMom Summit 2017: The ONLY international conference for and about women without children by choice or by chance.
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Laurie Sanci

Organizational Consultant and Coach
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Laurie Sanci is an organizational consultant and coach with a mission to inspire people to be courageously authentic in their professional and personal lives. She helps leaders and their teams to be more effective and reach their potential. 

As a coach, Laurie has a passion for helping women without children to find maximum fulfillment in their lives. Her practice grew out of her personal journey learning to embrace a life without kids. Laurie helps her clients to move beyond the grief, challenge the idealization of motherhood and craft a new dream. 

Laurie is thrilled to attend the NotMom Summit for a second time. On the Mommyjacking Self-Defense panel she will explore the self-limiting beliefs and assumptions that can lead childless and childfree women to get defensive and/or shut down. Participants will gain concrete tools to help their confidence and take up more space in a culture that glorifies being a mother.