The NotMom Summit 2017: The ONLY international conference for and about women without children by choice or by chance.
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Kate Kaufmann

Never Expecting
Portland, OR

Kate Kaufmann cares about connection and has been hosting small group and one-on-one conversations with NotMoms since 2012. Those conversations inspired her book, Never Expecting: Life Outside the Mainstream of Motherhood, which is nearly complete. In it Kate weaves together stories from non-moms aged 37 to 93, expert research, and her own experience and probes our entire adulthood--from work and the meaning of family to what we leave behind when we die. As part of this panel, Kate will offer specific suggestions for ways to encourage dialog between family members, among friends, and in a variety of social environments. 

She's spoken about life without children at a variety of venues, including the Oregon Community Foundation, Sacred Money Studios, and the University of Dayton's Colloquium on Women and Gender Studies. After twenty years in corporate human resources, Kate transitioned to her “Green Acres” phase, where she raised sheep, rehabbed houses, and maintained an active consulting practice in training design and delivery. She has a MA in Management and recently received her MFA in Creative Writing from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts. She lives in Portland, Oregon.