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Crystal Money

Atlanta, Georgia
Crystal N. Money lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, Mike, and two adorable pups, Olivia and Archie. She is currently pursuing a career in academia at Kennesaw State University, with a primary focus in practical and multi-disciplinary approach to ethics education. In her role at KSU, she manages the programing of the Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics and Character, which includes the annual Phenomenal Women's Conference, a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Ethics, and the Siegel Institute Ethics Research Scholars program. Crystal also works part-time with the International Peace Research Association Foundation as their grants coordinator. 

Through her academic pursuits, Crystal has been researching the social stigmas and social normativities associated with the female body in relation to the expectations of reproduction. Publications are forthcoming. 

Crystal and Mike are avid board game collectors and players, with a collection quickly reaching over 200 games. They tend to spend their weekends at comedy shows and live theatre performances, and they attend multiple nerd conventions throughout the year. They are eclectic art collectors, and consider their home to be a reflective museum of who they are as a couple and as individuals. 

Crystal has known since a young age that she did not want to be a parent, but coming from a small, rural town in Northwest Georgia, she did not know she had an option. It was not until college that she learned that her actions, body, and life are all her own and that women do succeed outside of reproduction and motherhood. Being a first generation college student, as well as the first to rebel against motherhood in her family has distanced her emotionally and often physically from her extended family.

Despite these challenges, Crystal finds herself fortunate to be surrounded by a supportive mother, and friends who have essentially become a chosen family. After consulting over twenty doctors from the age of 24, Crystal finally succeeded in receiving a tubal ligation at the age of 29. That procedure not only solidified her choices in life, but also gave her an instant comfort in those choices. She describes this experience as one of the biggest achievements in her life thus far.