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Amy Blackstone, Ph.D.

We're {Not} Having A Baby!
Professor, Department of Sociology & Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center, University of Maine and Blogger
Bangor, Maine

Sociologist and NotMom Amy Blackstone is a professor at the University of Maine where she splits her time between the Sociology Department and the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center. Dr. Blackstone studies the childfree choice, workplace harassment, and civic engagement. She is a textbook author and has published several dozen peer-reviewed articles on the childfree and other topics.


Dedicated to bringing social science knowledge to broad audiences, Dr. Blackstone regularly writes Op-Eds and her research has been featured in Huffington Post, TODAY, Ms., CNN, TIME, The Atlantic, and a variety of other outlets.


Amy and her husband Lance blog at we’re {not} having a baby!, a site created to celebrate the childfree choice and debunk myths about the childfree. Together, they have appeared in NotMom speaker Robyn D’Angelo’s summit Love Filled & Guilt Free: Creating Epic Relationships for Wildly Successful and Childfree Couples, Brides magazine, on The Joy Sutton Show, Married with Luggage, various TV news outlets, and others.