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Latasha Edwards

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
Contracts Analyst
Downtown Los Angeles
I am working in Fiscal Services Department for Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. I am not necessarily doing what I desire. I plan on finishing my education in order to obtain a position in Marketing and Public Relations. At first in my early 20s I was open to the idea of motherhood, primarily because I believed that it was necessary. However, as I grew older I asked myself is children something that I really see for myself. there are so many things that I still want to fulfill in my life. I don't think that its going to end at 40 and up. There are plenty of women (despite their age) who are still out their pursuing their goals. I've gotten a lot of criticism from friends, family and people that I don't even know. I personally think that people in the black community are always giving mothers a pass. They could have 10 kids and mistreat those kids or put the responsibility on their family, but it's ok because they are mothers. I don't have anything against mothers or children, but I don't like how the black community condones motherhood and looks down on marriage and family. Most black people don't believe in marriage or abortions but they will continue to have sex before marriage. Or they will be comfortable with having kids with three or five different people. It's completely backwards. I don't have the desire to have children and I many never have that desire. I rather not bring a child into the world under those circumstances and be resentful towards my child.